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Art Date is opening, a weekend in the name of Contemporary Art organized every year in Bergamo and its surroundings. Art Date paves the way for a multitude of diverse artistic events, including “Senseless Body”, a dialogue of the mind between some of the most famous artists in international contemporary art and the centenary frescoes in the Palazzo della Ragione palace in Bergamo’s Upper Town.
The exhibition “Senseless Body” ponders on how greatly the perception of the body has changed from the past to the present day. It will be open to the public from 15 November 2019 to 6 January 2020.
In this period art workshops will run for adults and kids to enjoy.

Quid supports the exhibition “Senseless Body”.
The educational activities connected with the exhibition “Senseless Body” are organized by The Blank Educational with the support of Quid and in partnership with Edoomark.

Why has Quid, a communications agency, invested in an educational activity?
Because we believe in human values and the importance of conveying them.
We intend to invite companies to rethink themselves as places of living values, which can affect reference markets as much as their own internal population of employees and contractors. A profound knowledge of their company will provide them with the motivation and enthusiasm to reach new and rewarding goals.