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We offer that kind of journey that you embark upon only when you wish to trigger true change with courage and awareness. This is something that starts within the company and reflects its power to the outside.

If it is true that the starting point depends on the company self-awareness on identity, it is equally true that each organization embarking on this experiential journey will reap the benefits of improved understanding and awareness.


We dream about training one or more resources in a company, so they will stay on course and keep the focus on corporate identity and safeguard, defend and supplement it every day with new and deeper meaning. Our learning journey can be compared to the program we follow when learning a new language. Each step is a skill we acquire, a building block leading us to the next level.



Language skill: grammar

Educational goal: become aware of the meaning of communication.

This workshop aims at investigating the reasons why we resort to communication and the role it plays in the life of a company. You will be led into a hands-on experience to discover the importance of words and images in shaping corporate values.
You will be able to build a sort of corporate communication grammar enabling you to learn how to read messages, understand how messages are perceived, raise awareness on the effect they produce and the great potential they hold.

Target: companies that need to communicate, wish to increase their knowledge and master the tools at their disposal.

Related topics:
• What is brand identity
• Advertising communication (ADV)
• Foundations of marketing
• The marketing promise
• The language of advertising
• Content marketing and visual communication

We have already been chosen by social organizations, cooperatives, no-profit entities and third sector associations.


Language skill: reading

Educational goal: become aware of corporate distinctive values.

This workshop aims at leading participants to voice the corporate identity, which is pivotal to effective brand communication. We are going to accompany you through an activity aimed at identifying the values and distinctive elements that characterize the company and provide it with its unique and recognizable features. Once the distinguishing elements have been identified, we will continue with ascertaining if and how much they emerge from the current communication or if other values and distinctive elements which fail to match with corporate values are inadvertently communicated.

Target: companies going through a renewal or transformation that want to involve their resources into the exploration and discovery of their own corporate values and impact on communication.

We have already been chosen by star-ups, newcos, expanding businesses.

Related topics:
• Vision
• Mission
• Starting entrepreneurial idea
• Innovation
• Blue ocean – red ocean
• The deep meaning of market analysis, distinctive positioning and competition
• Target analysis


Language skill: writing

Educational goal: select company’s strategic values

This workshop is a guideline for participants to carry out a strategic analysis and make a synthesis of their corporate values in order to generate effective communication. Once values and business positioning have been identified, it is important to devise a strategy for their functional communication. The previous steps have contributed to raise your awareness on what you are communicating. Now it is time to learn how to select them and assess the impact of your selected to build appropriate communication. Once the dynamic of selection has been understood, you will learn how to assess its effectiveness.

Target: companies that want to improve clarity and effectiveness of their current communication.

Related topics:
• Communication strategy vs communication tactics
• Leading an effective brainstorming session
• Communication consistency
• Developing communication in the short, medium and long term
• The value of synthesis

We have already been chosen by companies in the transportation industry, service enterprises and no-profit organizations.


Language skill: speaking

Educational goal: create your own brand story.

Equipped with the awareness of the value of communication for the company itself and for others, the organization can decide to implement external communication in different ways. Among them we find storytelling that employs stories with characters, plots and emotions to convey essential and distinguishing corporate values. This workshop will enable you to understand the elements of storytelling, the techniques required to shape your characters and make them carriers of distinctive and involving values.
We are going to leverage the basic concepts of storytelling to understand how to entertain a dialogue with external entities, convey messages with a strong emotional power and create a real brand story.
Communicating with a distinctive character to your target market and being able to use a consistent tone of voice with your corporate values is what makes your company resonate in the heart of the viewers and be remembered by your audience, so to gain a great competitive advantage.

Target: companies with brands, products or services to be communicated in highly saturated or densely competitive markets.

Related topics:
• Storytelling
• Narrative capital
• The story as a value
• Emotions and leading characters
• The narrative point of view
• Narrative style
• Tone of voice
• Competitive advantage


Language skill: drawing

Educational goal: become aware of non-verbal communication

This workshop aims at enhancing attention to details and sensitivity to a kind of communication that expands to overcome the boundaries of verbal communication and encompass space and time.
Experience is a communication tool that goes through the body and the senses.
We propose an activity that is aimed at investigating the multifaceted nature of non-verbal communication, to raise awareness on the concept that anything can become a vehicle to your message, including geographical location, corporate premises and a correct management of the workplace.
Participants will become aware that all these elements connected to space are a powerful tool to convey corporate identity.

Target: companies that are moving or renewing their premises, business offering services and immaterial products..

Related topics:
• Interior design
• Place branding
• Communicative design
• Body language
• The language of space
• Customer experience
• Basics of event management
• The specific features/characteristics of space
• Foundations of space layout and arrangement
• Experiential marketing


Language skill: listening

Educational goal: master the foundations of communication with peers and coworkers

Best practices in the development of clear and effective internal communication are a crucial instrument to express messages and ideas in the company, as well as outcomes that also reflect to the outside. The workshop aims at providing the methods and approach to implement the basics of communication among employees sharing the same corporate values. Managing internal communication according to a certain set of rules allows peers to develop the required shills to manage cooperation, learn active listening and foster dialogue, to eventually meet corporate goals in a more economic and effective way. We will support participants in developing a communication code that is consistent with corporate identity and shared through the creation and application of agreed patterns that make communication clear and free from misunderstandings. Consistency and internal clarity reflect positively to the external world and convey a robust and reliable corporate identity.

Target: medium and large size companies with a complex structure where internal communication plays a crucial role.

We have already been chosen by multinational companies and large organization in the chemical, technical, IT, mechanical and metal industries.

Related topics:
• Group cohesion
• Team building
• Motivation comes from the inside
• Role identity
• Business organization
• Testimonials
• Active listening


Language skill: performing

Educational goal: identify and use newsworthy values

This workshop aims at conveying the concept of newsworthiness and the ability to identify the corporate values carrying a high news potential. At this stage, when there is awareness on corporate identity, key values are matched with the ideas and concepts relevant to and interesting for the entire society. The goal is to lead the corporate team to select the most suitable values that resonate in the social conscience and identify the leverage that makes them appealing to the media. Positive values in a company can be positive enough to resonate with the world.

Target: medium and large size enterprises that belong to corporate groups with a full functioning communication system.

We have already been chosen by institutions, universities, non-profit organizations, companies in the plastic, chemical, technical, food, design and fashion industries.

Related topics:
• The rules of newsworthiness
• Social communication
• Corporate responsibility
• Corporate welfare
• Territorial marketing
• Content of an effective press kit
• Marketing through education