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As many others around us, we have long investigated who we are. Seriously, we did.
And what have we found out? We found the answer to our identity issue in the place where we are: a former war prisoner camp.
Once this place was home to Italian and international prisoners of military conflicts.
Here different nationalities mingled and relationships thrived with the intensity needed to dispel overwhelming fear.

Today we want to generate a positive contamination among different people, eventually in the light of freedom and superior creative expression.

We believe that our past history is a cornerstone to lay the foundations of our growth. History is not a constraining judgement, but rather a source of unprecedented inspiration to build our future.

Our calling is to support companies in re-thinking themselves as vibrant places imbued with values that can move reference markets, but also their local population, like employees and contractors can find motivation and enthusiasm to reach new, important goals based on a solid understanding of the organization.

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    G61 – A place to learn
    Via per Grumello, 61 – 24127 Bergamo
    Tel. +39 035 41 75 054