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Identity finds its best expression in differences. And differences are the enriching factor.
Our courses are a one-shot event, whose effects cascade down from experiential method that we have adopted.
No experience can be repeated in an identical way and no person experiences things the same way of another individual. Everything depends on social surroundings, perception of self, moment in time.
The basic assumption is to live a hands-on, here-and-now reality and have an unfiltered experience of educational programs aimed at delivering renewed awareness.


We believe that our role, as communicators and trainers, is to offer you a way out from your comfort zone aimed at allow you to explore your self.
We do not explain theories, as they are readily available to anyone, but we use unconventional tools and contents and employ immersive and practical activities.
In a nutshell, we lay on the table our ability to create educational experiences that will turn into a tangible, educational capital.

Even though we offer a wide range of experiences characterized by common elements, one thing is clear: every training day will be different and unique. We are not talking about improvising, but we rather refer to the typical variables of human nature.